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    Yann Kebbi - Central Park


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    Been hemming and hawing about how to show this project! Last weekend I took part in Linework NW and I promised myself I would make a book! So that turned into an accordion book all about a mermaid named Ondine who collects bioluminescent creatures.

    This book was created start to finish in six days. My first accordion book since 2003? Whoa! Now I want to do more! Many thanks to my student Wren who helped me cut and fold them in time. I’m going to see about making a little video to show this better, but in the meantime this will do.

    More personal projects, more books, more stuff! I am working on a big project but I need to share more and make more little projects.

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    vasquez rocks

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    Je ne sais pas si en avançant dans la vie, ce qui m’entoure s’élargit ou se rétrécit. J’ai souvent l’impression que les choses deviennent doucement plus étroites. Mais que cette étroitesse est positive, calme, confortable.

    Julie, le 16.04.14

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    You guys have all heard of Lumberjanes by now, right?
    I’m happy to say that my exclusive cover for Lumberjanes #1 is for sale at Challengers Comics in Chicago (my hometown!) coinciding with Noelle's signing there this past weekend. I think the whole Lumberjanes crew is ace and I'm excited to have contributed to such a girl-positive comics series, drawn and written by awesome ladies!

    I’ve been watching a lot of River Monsters and I really liked the idea of setting the Lumberjanes off on a canoeing adventure with an unexpected catch. I’ve since been informed that the canoe I drew totally looks like a vagina. It was unintentional, but I’m more than ok with that! By ladies for ladies, amirite??

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