1. polapaz1988:

    The bed of four seasons-Spring.

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  2. beatonna:

    Two days in a car and my Grand Uncle, Grand Aunt, cousin and myself made it to Cape Breton.

  3. seahorsesinthesky:

    Bye, Summer [Flag] (by Thomas Albdorf)

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  5. kalidraws:


    A flower for Esther by Kali Ciesemier www.ciesemier.com">http://www.ciesemier.com

    I drew a flower for the Blooms of Nigeria tumblr, curated by Rebecca Bradley & Janna Morton as an illustrated vigil for the 250+ kidnapped Nigerian girls. Of the 180 girls whose names we know, the tumblr aims to give each of them an illustrated flower by different woman artist, and to keep their story alive and in discussion. I’m saddened and disappointed that there hasn’t been more progress in finding the girls, but hopeful for their safe return.

  6. kevindart:

    Collector’s Space Shuttle Screenprints!

    I’ll be debuting 3 new screenprints at Comic Con next week commemorating the amazing Space Shuttle program which spanned 30 years! These will be available indivudually for $75 or as a set for $200. Each one is 10”x28”.

    Come visit me and my friends Jasmin Lai and Tiffany Ford at Booth #5007!

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